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Take charge of your business finances with Penda, our invoicing software is designed to empower small and medium-sized enterprises. From creating quotes to managing invoices and expenses, Penda is your comprehensive solution for streamlined financial management.

  • Easily generate professional quotes tailored to your clients.
  • Create customizable invoices that reflect your brand identity.
  • Track expenses effortlessly and gain insights into your spending.
  • Simplify client communication and streamline payment.
  • Access your billing data securely from anywhere, at any time.

Why Penda is
best for your business?

Penda isn’t just another invoicing software; it’s an initiative dedicated to providing accessible and powerful tools for SMEs. Our open-source platform allows for customization and flexibility, ensuring that your invoicing processes align perfectly with your business needs. Plus, with no licensing fees or hidden costs, Penda offers financial freedom to small-to-medium-sized businesses.

Join the Penda community and experience the power of open-source invoicing today.

Checkout some of the cool features

Customizable Invoices

Users can create customized invoices with their branding, including logos.

Client Management

Manage client information, including contact details, addresses, and payment history.

Accept Deposits

Need to collect deposits or partial payments toward future work?

Unlimited Quotes & Invoices

Create quotes & pro-forma that clients can click to approve and convert into invoices!

Invoice Tracking

Track the status of invoices, including when they are sent, viewed, and paid.

Recurring Invoices

Do you charge clients monthly or annually? Setup recurring invoices & auto-bill clients!

Quotes Convert to Invoices

Send out quotations that your clients can “approve” to convert into an invoice for payment!

Attach Invoice .PDFs to Emails

Many clients want PDF files included in invoice emails, you can enable attachments!

Expense Tracking

Track expenses, making it easier to reconcile invoices and monitor financial performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Need more reasons to use Penda?

What is Penda?

Penda is a free, open-source invoicing software designed to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) manage their billing processes efficiently. From creating quotes to generating invoices and tracking expenses, Penda simplifies financial management for businesses.

Is Penda really free to use?

Yes, Penda is completely free to use. There are no hidden fees or subscription costs. Our commitment to open-source principles means that Penda is accessible to businesses of all sizes, without any financial barriers.

Can I customize invoices with Penda?

Absolutely! Penda allows you to customize your invoices to reflect your brand identity. You can add your logo, choose color schemes, and personalize the layout to create professional-looking invoices that align with your business style.

Is Penda secure?

Yes, Penda prioritizes security, and we implement industry best practices to protect system integrity and user data. However, users should be aware that any customizations they make to the software may introduce vulnerabilities. While the team provides guidance, users are ultimately responsible for the security of their customizations. Despite our efforts, no software is entirely immune to risks, and users should remain vigilant and implement security measures such as strong passwords, regular updates, and secure connections with SSL encryption.

Can I self-host Penda on my own servers?

Yes, Penda is open-source software, which means you have the option to self-host it on your own servers. This gives you full control over your data and allows for customization according to your specific needs.

Any hosting fees if I choose to have Penda hosted by your service?

Yes, if you opt to have Penda hosted by our service, there will be hosting fees associated with it. While the software itself is free to use, hosting services incur costs for server maintenance, security, and infrastructure management. These fees contribute to ensuring a reliable and secure hosting environment for your Penda instance. We strive to keep our hosting fees competitive and transparent, providing you with a hassle-free solution for managing your invoicing needs.

Does Penda offer customer support?

Yes, we provide support to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter while using Penda. Whether you need help getting started or troubleshooting a problem.

Can I contribute to the development of Penda?

Absolutely! We welcome contributions from the community to help improve Penda and add new features. Whether you're a developer, designer, or business owner with ideas for enhancements, we encourage you to get involved and contribute to the growth of Penda.

Can I access Penda on mobile devices?

Yes, Penda is designed to be mobile-friendly, allowing you to access your billing information and manage invoices on the go. Whether you're using a smartphone or tablet, you can stay connected to your finances with Penda's responsive interface.

Does Penda integrate with other software?

At the moment, Penda does not offer direct integrations with other software. However, as an open-source platform, Penda provides the flexibility for developers to create integrations and extensions to suit specific business needs.

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Penda is a free open source software, and we are committed
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